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Create your own jewellery 

Beads, Baubles, and Beyond

Costume Jewellery  Crafting Artisrty Workshops

Explore the world of jewellery crafting with a touch of artistic flair in our intimate group workshops led by our brand founder, Lena Shoulga.

Our workshops focus on the creative side of jewellery making, not technicalities. Lena will expertly guide you in crafting harmonious designs, balancing, creating focal points, and mastering color combinations. You'll also learn about gemstones and jewellery history.

The range of components at your disposal is extensive, including factory-made beads, ethnic finds, and semi-precious stones.

Our workshops take place in the heart of Notting Hill, right here in London, hosted in a cozy and welcoming private house. This ensures easy access to an extensive array of beads and materials from Lena private collection 

Typically, our workshops run for 2-3 hours, with the duration depending on the complexity of the pieces we're creating. It's the perfect opportunity to unlock your creativity, learn the art of jewellery making, and leave with a beautiful, handcrafted piece that reflects your unique style.

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