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Floristry Creative Workshops

 Blossom to Masterpiece

The Secrets of Stunning Floral Composition 


We invite you to share in our passion for flower arrangements during our Floristry workshops.

Lena has ventured into various areas of visual design and discovered that the principles of composition are remarkably similar in interior design, photography, painting, jewelry design, and flower arrangement. While floristry has never been her profession, it has always been a lifelong hobby. Lena has not only learned European floristry but also delved into the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement called Ikebana.

In today's modern world, which is a fusion of cultures and styles, Lena strives to incorporate this diversity into her creations and share her skills with you.

In her Floral Artistry Sessions , Lena will explain the fundamental principles of European and Japanese flower arrangements, highlighting the profound philosophical differences between the two. She will teach you the basics of composition, balance, color, and texture combinations.

During these classes, you will also acquire essential knowledge, an introduction to tools and techniques, and guidance on choosing the right vases—everything you need to create beautiful bouquets or flower compositions at home.

Our workshops are held in the heart of Notting Hill, right here in London, within the cozy and welcoming ambiance of a private house.

Typically, our workshops last 1.5 to 2 hours, with the duration varying based on the complexity of the pieces we create. It's the perfect opportunity to unlock your creativity, master the art of flower arrangement, and leave with a stunning bouquet or wreath,  or an Ikebana-inspired composition that will beautifully complement your home.

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